Sleep Apnoea Physical Intervention Therapy

For the past 2 years I have been developing a method of treatment for sleep apnoea patients referred to me by an NHS consultant laryngologist. Having spent 30 years as a singing teacher I have adapted the methods I use for training voices to train non singers with sleep apnoea in how to ameliorate, and in several cases effectively cure their sleep apnoea. The exercises I will give you to do, although inspired and informed by my teaching, have very little to do with singing and are much more like progressive resistance training. Anyone can do them.

Please read below two recent testimonials of sleep apnoea sufferers that I have worked with. If after having read them, you would like to consider joining my programme please contact me to register your interest including a potted history of your sleep apnoea and I will get back to you to let you know what’s involved and an outline of cost.

This first testimonial was submitted by a senior medical professional

If you are concerned about your snoring or sleep apnoea affecting your health, I can highly recommend Pius’s programme. I contacted Pius in desperation. My sister had had a sudden stroke and her consultants felt it may have been caused by sleep apnoea. They thought it might be a hereditary problem and advised family members to get checked. I did that and was shocked to find I had severe sleep apnoea. The recommended treatment is CPAP, which involves wearing a mask at night in bed. I tried so hard but could not sleep with the mask. I saw a surgeon and had some nasal surgery to try and improve the air flow, but unfortunately my sleep apnoea only worsened. After lots of research I read a study about how singing exercises can improve snoring. I reckoned it might have some effect on sleep apnoea too. I have not sung properly before and although I love music, I am not musical and don’t read music, so it was with some trepidation that I contacted Pius … (he had been recommended by a friend who had had singing lessons). I am not sure what he thought when I tried to explain I didn’t want to sing but I did want help with exercises. He was fabulous though and got me straight to work on improving my breathing and exercising and strengthening my soft palate. My speaking voice changed immediately and when I saw my consultant after 1 month, he could not believe the improvement and cancelled my planned surgery and CPAP treatment. And I have loved doing it. I have carried on as I enjoy my lessons so much and have even branched into reading some music as well as learning songs in an aural tradition. Can’t thank Pius enough… he possibly saved my life and certainly enriched it.


This second is from someone who had a serious accident.

After undergoing surgery for 3 slipped discs in my neck I was subsequently diagnosed with a lateral collapse of the pharyngeal wall and associated obstructive sleep apnoea. With damage to my throat muscles, I was struggling to breathe lying on my back, sleep was fraught and I would wake up choking. Pushed to breaking point and facing even more surgery with mixed clinical outcomes, my ENT Consultant suggested trying a new approach and referred me to Pius.

I am incredibly grateful for the transformative experience I have had through Pius’s guidance. His personalized approach using vocal exercises inspired by the techniques used by professional singers was instrumental in a seventy percent reduction in my apnoea and my journey of rehabilitation and recovery.

Right from my first lesson I knew I’d come to the right place and was totally put at ease. As someone who’s always been acutely embarrassed about their singing voice - or the lack of it - I really had to pluck up the courage to visit an operatic voice coach. I couldn’t have done this without Pius’s patience and unwavering support over the last eight months.

I’m now almost back to my old self, my throat is open and clear. I’ve got my mojo back. No more brain fog, headaches, or the low murmur of positive air way pressure treatment and the claustrophobia of a face mask.

Thank you, thank you Pius. I will always be in your debt for getting me off that dreadful CPAP machine…


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